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7 July, 2022

Do you want to help young people in the school to learn the language?

Do you want to help young people in the school to learn the language? We need books and games to start the Noima library, a space to promote language learning through reading

In January of this year, Noima began the programme for literacy and developing roots in the territory aimed at young newcomers who do not know the language, meaning that they are excluded from the educational system and cannot gain access to training adapted to their needs.

This programme is the first step in making it possible for young people to gain access to training at a later stage. As such, the priority is for them to learn the language, a basic requirement both to be able to relate to people and to gain access to other courses.

To help with this, Noima wants to create a library space that will encourage our students to read and, in this way, learn the language. Moving the initiative forward requires material: books and games. As such, if you have books and games that you no longer use, and which you think may be useful for the school, please do not hesitate to bring them.

We are also opening our doors to volunteers who want to support young people through conversation and so help improve their language and relational skills

Below are details of the materials needed for this library space:

– Illustrated books and games aimed at primary school students with visual vocabulary to facilitate language learning.

– First reading books for children aged 9 to 12.

– Dictionaries: Catalan, Catalan–Spanish, Catalan–French, Catalan–English or Catalan–Arabic.

In addition to this material, we also call on people who want to come and talk to young people to improve their communication skills in Catalan and at the same time network with other people. We also suggest that if someone wants to practise English, they come to do it with one of the young people who speaks this language very well. For any kind of collaboration along these lines, please contact the educator Eva Crespo through her email



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