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Network in the region

An active, networking Garrotxa

to promote youth opportunities

Noima is an open school with roots in La Garrotxa, and includes the participation of the public authorities, social and educational agents, the business network, and locals from the district.

Using the analysis shared by the different agents, we define educational programmes to meet the needs of young people and of the social and occupational context.

The project begins with the support of Olot City Council and the collaboration of the District Council, the Consortium for Social Action of La Garrotxa, and the Agency for Innovation and Development of La Garrotxa, Dinamig.


Referral of young people and coordination in their monitoring and training plan.

Social and educational agents

Detecting student needs and implementing initiatives to meet them.

Public authorities

Defining strategic and funding lines.


Involvement in the participant insertion process and funding.


Volunteering to assist young people and support social-educational projects.

We strengthen the identity of La Garrotxa as an inclusive, socially responsible region that promotes the quality of life of its inhabitants.


The Noima School of La Garrotxa is possible thanks to the involvement of people and organisations committed to social transformation.