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young people in their educational process ...

self-improvement + effort

We develop the capabilities and motivation of young people who have been left out of the educational and occupational system so that they can recover their interest in learning.

At Noima, we work with experience-based methods to enhance the relational network and ties to the region for young people through learning.

We propose flexible and personalised road maps in which the team of professionals provides guidance to involve students in their educational, training and/or occupational process.

We are based on an educational model that especially bears in mind gender, the bond with nature, work through art, and digitisation to offer comprehensive care to young people.



We work on self-esteem and confidence in one’s own capabilities.

  • Acceptance and ties at school.
  • Activation through positive motivational experiences.
  • Commitment to the creation of one’s own training project.


We support each youngster in a close, personalised manner.

  • Information, tests and visits to define the educational road map.
  • Resources and training to offer a realistic and ambitious occupational process.

Development of skills

We adapt to the interests of each youngster to respond to their challenges.

  • Range of training circuits adapted to different motivations and specialities.
  • Definition of personalised occupational road maps.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of training and occupational projects.

Ties to the region

We involve young people in the social network and their surroundings.

  • Leisure activities in contact with the environment.
  • Involvement in the associative and business network.
  • Participation in the community.

Noima is a project with a positive impact on young people and their families, companies, institutions, and the region.


The Noima School of La Garrotxa is possible thanks to the involvement of people and organisations committed to social transformation.