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7 June, 2022

Why is it called Noima?

Noima comes from the Greek νόημα, which among other things signifies “meaning”.

Before deciding on a name, you have to think about it a lot and perhaps study it. In the case of the School, we considered around fifty names before looking at “noima”. The name has not only a social and communicative impact, but also legal consequences. Many names are protected by law and as they are already “busy”, you cannot appropriate them.

The first thing to do when – eureka! – you find the name you like, is to check that it is not registered, that is, that it is available. Consequently, you need to consult the different registers of names that exist, whether it be the foundation register, the mercantile register, or the trademark and patent register, among others.

And the work does not end here, since now that the Internet exists, you need to check if the name is being used virtually. In other words, the Internet domain of the chosen name must also be free. At least, in one of the extensions you are interested in. For example .cat, .edu, .com or .org.

Giving a name to things is not easy at all. People, students, teachers and managers move on, but the name stays. The name is repeated, printed and reproduced many times in various channels and formats. It gives personality to a project. You can make it yours or not.

But why “Noima”?

“Noima” comes from the Greek νόημα, which signifies, among other things, “meaning”. Meaning is what Cristóbal Colón, founder of La Fageda, has always sought in his life and this is what he has transmitted to La Fageda since its beginnings. He is the originator of the famous phrase “the meaning of work is work with meaning”. Meaning provides cohesion and structure to work and any project we want to start.

Convinced that the creation of this school is full of meaning and that this project will also help young people to find meaning in everything they do, this name was finally chosen from a long list.

In the post-COVID business world, it is fundamental that companies have meaning, or as they now say a “purpose”. This means that they do not just make money but contribute something to society.

As such, it is easy to understand why the La Fageda Foundation was first called the Meaning Foundation at the beginning. And to understood that the School is called “Noima”, since it is driven by La Fageda and by the philosophy that inspires it.

Author: Albert Riera Sans, Director of Institutional Relations at La Fageda


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