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Fotos finals curs cambrers NOIMA (8)
12 July, 2022

More than a dozen students are trained as waiter’s assistants and many of them will have their first job this summer

Twelve students from the school took part in the waiter’s assistant course which began in early April and which, after 250 hours of training, finished at the end of June.

The assessment of this training activity has been very positive on the part of all the parties involved; the school, the students and the companies that hosted internships. And a large majority of these students have seen how the establishments where they did their internships have taken the step of hiring them for the summer of 2022.

As part of the course, young people have carried out internships in various restaurants and hotel establishments in La Garrotxa, an activity that is essential for their development and to have a first contact with the real world of work.

Mireia Badosa, owner of Fonda Barris together with her partner, in the village of Joanetes, values the fact that during the internship it was possible to see that the young people had had previous training that greatly facilitated their start at work. For this and other reasons, they have decided to give an employment contract to Saibo Drammeh who is 17 years old and resides in Olot.

Many of these young people, like Saibo, who wants to start saving money in order to pay for his driver’s licence in the coming months and who would like to train as an industrial mechanic, will earn their first income thanks to these job opportunities. This is also the case of Alahaji Saikou, who is also interning at Fonda Barris, and who will work there when the time comes.

NOIMA appreciates the trust that the restaurants @quinzeous_restaurant,, @restaurantlamoixina, @fondabarris, @ quinabarra_taverna, @hotelriufluviaolot and @canmorera have given us in order to carry out this training.

Fotos finals curs cambrers NOIMA (8)

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